Red Brick Tour

Experience Alvar Aalto with us:

The Red Brick Tour

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is one of the most important names in modern architecture. He was not only an architect but also a designer and a great lover of nature. No need to be an architect or designer to love this tour!

You can start the Aalto Experience at the Jyväskylä Center (Travel Center, “Matkakeskus”) at 12.00, Aalto Museum (12.10) or from Säynätsalo (12.25). The first stop (12.30) is the summer house of Aalto: the Experimental House (1952-53). Experimental House is in the middle of wild forest and we need to hike a couple of hundred meters before entering the building. If the season is right you are able to eat some wild blueberries on the way (wintertime Experimental House visit is replaced with a visit to Muurame Church). After exploring the Experimental House we visit (14.30) one of the most important buildings by Aalto: Säynätsalo Town Hall (1949-52). You may also want to taste fresh pastries and cakes of the Town Hall Café and Bakery (not included). After the guided tour you have a good time to explore the building of your own. Then (16.00) we head our tour to the Jyväskylä center where we find the University Campus. We get to know the Main Building (1954-56), depending on summer opening hours and walk around the campus (1951–71) ending (17.00) to the Alvar Aalto Museum (1973). At the Museum there is Café Alvar where you can have a cup of coffee or late lunch (not included). After exploring the Museum of your own our tour ends to the Travel Center or to Säynätsalo on your choice. Tour lasts 5-6 intensive hours!

Price for a tour

1 person €114

4-7  persons €456 (price for family or for your group)
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The price includes entrance fees to the Town Hall, the Experimental House and the Alvar Aalto Museum, as well as transportation to and from the venue.

We will complete the tour when there are at least two participants. The maximum number of participants per tour is seven.

Responsible tour operator: Tavolo Bianco Ltd