Aalto Residency – an international meeting place for architecture and design


Aalto Residency is an international residency programme focused on architecture and design. The residency programme operates at the Säynätsalo Town Hall, designed by Alvar Aalto. The building is considered one of Aalto’s most significant designs and provides an inspirational environment for creativity, in a unique combination with the Säynätsalo island, surrounded by lake Päijänne, and the old industrial community. Alvar Aalto himself was so enchanted by the area that he designed a summer house for himself and his family just four kilometers away.

Tavolo Bianco Oy is in charge of running the Aalto Residency. The residency programme is conducted in co-operation with the Alvar Aalto Foundation.

Residency periods

Aalto residency programme is planned to be 4-8 weeks. For request also shorter or longer periods of stay can be customized.

Starting dates of residency periods are every first Monday on September to April.

Summer (May to August) is our tourist season and accommodation is reserved for short term bookings.

Residency stay includes accommodation, space for studying/working, study visits in Jyväskylä, two two-day-visits in Finland and organized free time programme once a week. Breakfast and light lunch per day are included.

Apply for the Residency Programme

The Aalto Residency Programme is primarily intended for students, researchers, or professionals of architecture and design. However, if accommodation and workspaces are available, representatives of other arts and sciences are also welcome.

Applications in free form may be sent by email: info@tavolobianco.com

Weekly programme

Weekly programme for the Aalto Residency, autumn 2018

In addition to independent work, the residency programme consists of lectures, visits to Alvar Aalto-designed buildings in Jyväskylä and his archive of drawings and a substantial collection of objects, as well as leisure activities. A two-day trip to Alvar Aalto-designed attractions in Eastern and Western Finland will be organized each month. The residency programme will be conducted in English and requires sufficient skills in the language, both verbal and written.

Accommodation, workspaces and pricing

All workspaces are located at the Säynätsalo Town Hall.

Accommodation will be provided either at the Town Hall or its immediate vicinity (Säynätsalo B&B).

The pricing of the residency period will be determined by the length of the stay (one or two months), the type of accommodation and the workspace provided.

The price will include accommodation, workspace, breakfast, a light lunch of soup or salad, any visits relating to the programme, and a travel card for local buses.

Accommodation Workspace Price/person/month
1 Hugo (2 persons) Hugo (2 persons) €2,400
2 Henrik (1 person) Henrik (1 person) €2,700
5 Säynätsalo B&B Studio 2 (1 person) €2,100
6 Säynätsalo B&B Office 1 (1 person) €2,100
7 Säynätsalo B&B Office 2 (1 person) €2,100

The Aalto Residency is unable to provide grants for the programme. The participants should arrange grants, scholarships or other funding themselves. We expect participant to pay 100 e in advance after receiving the acceptance letter. Payment for the residency programme must be settled in full two months before the residency period starts. In advance paid 100 e will be reimbursed in the final invoice.

All participants must also attain sufficient insurance coverage during their stay.